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What did Lady Fatima say in her Sermon before her Martyrdom?!

The Ayaadat sermon/Khotbah of Lady Fatima (PBUH)


According to Sunni documents such as “Sharh of Ebne-Abel-Hadid”, “Taarikh Tabari”, “Taarikh ya'qoobi”,... the house of Ali and Fatima (PBUT) -which was the only house of the Prophet inside the “Masjid-O-Nnabi” and based on Qur'an, Surah Ahzaab, verse 53: O' You who believe! do not enter the Prophet's houses unless permission is granted to you ...- was trespassed and disrespected. In this transgression and forceful entrance, lady Fatima (PBUH) was pressed between the wall and the door... . As a direct result of this savage act, the Lady Fatima's bones were crushed and her unborn child was aborted; then the lady, after a period of illness, suffered martyrdom.

During her illness, the women of Mohaajerin and Ansaar(1) came to visit her and ask her how her day was?! And this is her meaningful reply, known as the "Ayaadat Sermon":


I swear to Allah that I have begun the day, while resenting your world and detesting your men; I have cast them away after trying them; I have detested them after testing them; Shameful is the defiling of honor, the playfulness after seriousness, the slackening of hard rocks, the breaking of spears, the foolishness of judgments and the misguidance of wants; evil indeed are (the works) which their souls have sent ahead before them , (with the result) that Allah's wrath is upon them, and in torment will they abide.(2) Certainly this ( their actions) has taken over their control, and has become a heavy load on their shoulders, and its harms have touched them from every direction; So, may the unjust ones be done away with, and all blessings far from them.

Woe unto them! they snatched it (Successorship of the Prophet) away from the foundations of the Messenger-ship, fundamentals of the Prophethood and Guidance, away from the place of descent of “Rooh-Ol-Amin” and away from he who is aware of every thing in this world and the Hereafter! (The usurpation of Ali's Divinely bestowed Successorship); Surely, that (their actions) is a clear loss; Why do they have animosity towards Abul-Hassan (Ali) ?I swear to Allah they took vengeance because of his (Ali's) unbiased sword, his little regard for dying (his unprecedented courage), his deadly assaults (against transgressors), his severe encounters and his anger for the sole sake of Allah.

Swear to Allah, (had they accepted Ali's leadership), whenever they would have deviated from the clear Path and from acceptance of the apparent reasons, surely he (Ali) would have returned them to the Path, and supported and carried them on it, and directed them easily and smoothly, in a way that the carrier would not be hurt, and the guide would not be tired, and the traveler would not be harmed; he (Ali) would have directed them to the pure and limpid fountainhead, overflowing with fresh waters, which had no impurity; he (Ali)would have quenched their thirst; he (Ali) would have benevolently, secretly or openly, guided them; while he (Ali) would never favor himself with the worldly things with any personal gain and pleasure, his only goal from obtaining the world would have been, quenching the thirst of the thirsty, and feeding the hungry; thus, the pious would have been distinguished from the worldly people, and the honest from the dishonest.


[Then the Lady Fatima (PBUH) recited the following Qur'anic verses:]


And if the people of the towns had believed and became pious guarded (against evil), We would certainly have opened up for them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they rejected, so We overtook them for what they had earned.(3)

And for the oppressors of these people, the evil results of their Deeds will soon overtake them, and they shall never be able to make (us) incapable. (4)

Behold! Pay attention and listen, in your life time you shall see (dreadful) wonders!

(God told the Prophet:) if you are astonished; strange and astonishing are their words!(5)

I wish I knew what reason they have for that which they have done? And what they have relied on? On what grip have they held on? (Do they not know)Upon whose progeny (Mohammad's progeny) have they encroached upon and spoken against? Certainly, Evil is the guardian and evil is the associate (they have chosen); (6) evil is the exchange, for the oppressors .(7)


[Lady Fatima(PBUH) was, based on Qur'anic reasonings, telling them that the exchanging of the Divinely ordained leader(Ali) for the unjust leaders would result into many calamities in their and future generations' lives... .]

[lady Fatima continued :]


I swear to Allah they have exchanged the head for the tale, the wise for the incapable. Dishonored and despised be the people who: "they thought that they were acquiring good by their works!" (8)

Behold! Surely, they are the ones who make mischief, but they comprehend not.(9)

Woe onto them! Is then he who gives guidance to the Truth, more worthy to be followed, or he who finds not guidance (himself) unless he is guided? What then is the matter with you? What kind of a judgment is it, that you make?! (10) swear to my own life, it (destiny) has conceived ; so wait, until its fruit comes about ; then milk full buckets of fresh blood and fatal poison; on that time, the dealers of untruth shall suffer; and the ones who come to follow shall know the evil which their forefathers have established; so be happy with your world (now), but prepare your hearts for calamities, beware of sharp swords (against you), and assaults of tyrant enemies, and overwhelming confusions, and atrocity of oppressors who shall plunder your belongings and harvest you all!

ALAS! How can I make you understand, while you have gone astray? Shall we then compel you to accept it, when you are averse to it?! “


(Shi'ah Documents: Behaar-Ol-Anwaar,... )


The women of Mohaajerin and Ansaar went to their men and told them what the lady Fatima (PBUH) had said. Some of their men went to the lady and said:


O' Lady ! If Abul-Hassan (Ali) had told us these, before we made the oath and gave the promise (To Abu-Bakr) we would not have exchanged him ( Ali) for anyone else!!!


Lady Fatima (PBUH) replied:


Be quiet! Behold! Your excuse is not accepted after all your pretexts; there is nothing left after all your negligence!!!




Lady Fatima (PBUH), with her heavenly bestowed knowledge, was predicting all the hardships which humankind would suffer, after turning their backs to the Divinely ordained leader –the infallible Imam Ali (PBUH)-. Leadership of the world under infallible leaders, surely would have guided the world to bliss and happiness. Today, under the leadership of fallible and even tyrant leaders, we are still experiencing what Lady Fatima had predicted over 1400 years ago. The lady (PBUH) mentioned to those people that she could not compel them to accept Divine leadership, and they had to decide for themselves; has humankind not yet decided that heavenly leadership is better than self-centered human leadership? Has human not yet experienced enough lies, dishonesties, wars and... ?

Perhaps some day soon, humankind may realize that it is finally time for infallible and impeccable leadership, all across this world; perhaps that shall be when Allah will allow Mahdi's Appearance... .





1-”Mohaajerin” were the people who migrated from Mecca to Medina and “Ansaar” were the people of Medina who helped the “Mohaajerin“.

2-Qur'an, Surah Ma'edah, verse 80

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