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Commemoration of Ghadir is the celebration of the undistorted Word of Allah and Its Divine interpretation; Ghadir is the everlasting insurance of the eternal Qur'an, Qur'an with Mohammad and his progeny (PBUT) is protected from all kinds of distortions. Today which we have Qur'an and the Ahl-Ol-Bait's interpretation and explanation in our hands, we owe it to the Prophet's last Khotbah/sermon by the pond of Ghadir. We pray that we may all follow the Prophet's recommendations and keep the message of Ghadir in our hearts and transfer it to the next generations. Eid of Ghadir Mobarak.

Click For the complete text of the Prophet's Ghadir sermon/khotbah Section1 & Ghadir sermon/khotbah Section2.