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Ever-existing's (Allah's) beauty

appeared, When manifestation of the Beloved, from the face of Ali;

found brightness, every particle, from the beautiful face of Ali.

rose, When his face, like the rising sun, from the invisible;

became, every creation of both worlds, stare-full of Ali.

looking at the mirror of the Ever-existing's beauty, If you wish;

open your eyes, and look at the shining face of Ali.

lives forever, He or She who loves him;

means, Fountain of life, the love of Ali.

from the earth, rises, and steps up into skies;

He who becomes aware of the high-mindedness of Ali.

carefree, He is, of both worlds and gains and losses;

he who, in his mind, nurtures the love of Ali.

the drink of love, Saqi of Kothar (Ali), gives to friends;

blissful is, he who is deeply touched by the love of Ali.

the way to the fountainhead of secrets, Ali found;

fascinated and astonished, thus the world is, from the words of Ali.

in his description, That which is said by masters of eloquence;

a small drop, that is, next to the ocean of Ali.

like a candle, He is, and all in love are like butterflies;

watch the world, offer bodies and souls in the cause of Ali.

O' Seemeen! afraid no more, I am, from life's darkness;

brightened, my heart has become, by heart-warming light of Ali.

Poetess: Seemeen-dokht Wahidi