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Ummi Prophet, illiterate or not!-II

The word Ommi and its plural Ommiyoon or Ommiyeen are used different times in Qur'an, for example, Allah commands the Prophet to say:

So if they dispute with thee, say: "I have submitted My whole self to Allah and so have those who follow me." And say to the People of the Book and to the Ommiyeen: "Do ye (also) submit yourselves?" If they do, they are in right guidance, but if they turn back, Thy duty is to convey the Message; and in Allah's sight are (all) His servants. [Qur'an, 3:20]

In this verse, Allah has separated the people who followed the Prophet and therefore submitted, and those who had not yet followed; both the people of the book (Jews and Christians, including those whose ancestors, in Anticipation of the final Promised Prophet, had previously migrated to Mecca and surrounding areas, but had not yet accepted the Prophet's invitation), and the Ommiyeen (those from Mecca, Omm-Al-Qora, who had not yet responded to the Prophet and had turned their backs to the book); i.e. here Ommiyeen does not mean those who did not know how to read and write, because both among those who followed the Prophet and those who did not, were some who knew reading and writing, and some who did not, in other words, the unlettered who did not know reading and writing, were not a distinguished entity in this matter.

Hebrew being a language very similar to Arabic, has many words and rules almost identical to Arabic; therefore in Torah and all the Biblical scriptures in general, the concept of Ommi is multi-dimensional, similar to Arabic; in the many translations of the Bible, unfortunately these concepts and alike, have been some times knowingly and other times unknowingly, disregarded. This itself has been another tool for human distortions; it is more than obvious for any fair-minded person that Divine Scriptures must remain absolutely untouched, and in their original language, and only those with Divinely bestowed Knowledge, i.e. the Prophets and their Chosen Successors (PBUT) must interpret and explain Divine Scriptures; and this very logical belief, is the most significant difference between the Shi'ah with all others, such as the Sunni, Christians and Jews who actually by forsaking the Divinely chosen Successors of the Prophets (PBUT) lost the Right Path. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) said that from all the sects created after the Prophet Jesus (PBUH), only those who remained attached to Sham'oon -given the nickname "Cephas" [Hebrew] ("Safa" [Arabic]) by Jesus, meaning rock (Simon [transliteration of Sham'oon] with the nickname Peter [translation of Cephas to Greek, meaning rock])-, the Successor of Jesus, attained Salvation, and of all the sects which would be created in Islam, only one would attain Salvation, i.e. those clinging to the Book of Allah and the Ahl-Ol-Bait, the Divinely chosen Successors of the Prophet. (Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, …)

If, there truly exists any genuine and undistorted case in history in which it has been reported that the Prophet did not read in front of the people, first of all Allah and His Prophet know the reasons and Allah-Willing, Mahdi (PBUH) will disclose them; but from one aspect, it was so that everyone including the many hypocrites around the Prophet, and the enemies -who had all witnessed that the prophet had never attended a human teacher- would comprehend that all of the Prophet's Knowledge was Divinely bestowed, and so that they would not accuse the Prophet of being an impostor, and reading and narrating other books such as Torah and Enjil; as this issue has been clearly proven, Qur'an confirms all previous Divine Prophets (PBUT) and their Books, and reports some of their stories, stories which are in many details very much different from the presented stories in the Bible; i.e. Allah through Qur'an has corrected the distorted Bible stories, for a sample of this issue, please read the article: "Mohammad, the Promise of Torah - II" in this site.

Truly, how could those dark-hearted and closed-minded hypocrites and ignorant disbelievers, who had accused the Prophet of sorcery and insanity [Qur'an, 81:22, 68:51, 37:36, 10:2, …], comprehend the Divinely bestowed Knowledge and Power of the Prophet as a human; a holy man who was neither a god-incarnate nor a demi-god (as for instance, distorted Christianity was and still is introducing Jesus -PBUH-), nor a magician (as Moses -PBUH- was accused). The pagans of Arabia, like the pagans elsewhere, and the Jews and Christians -due to human distortions which have entered into previous Divine teachings, and misguidance of ancient myths, and …- had no correct conception of Prophethood and Divine Revelation at all. They would believe in any celestial agency such as Angels, or any untrue phenomenon such as incarnation (god becoming man), or magic, but it was beyond their comprehension that a human being like them could be the Chosen Messenger of Allah and -by Allah's Will- possess such power and knowledge without being a god or angel or magician or …; i.e. they misjudged the Divinely bestowed knowledge and power of Messengership and Prophethood by attributing it to magic and sorcery or insanity. Perhaps the Prophet (PBUH&HP) -in order to guide them to the Right Path and teach them that Prophets are not God or gods, and to obliterate their accusations and …, and therefore effectively deliver Allah's messages to every one from all walks of life- moved one step at a time with people's intellects, and manifested slowly his abilities to the public, while he disclosed certain facts to his sincere and devoted followers; this itself is a great ability and a sign of true compassion, patience and pure benevolence that the chosen ones while being at such high and exalted positions, have been able to communicate with the very regular people, love them, sit with them, listen to them, walk with them, feel their concerns benevolently and … . As many historians who have studied the Prophet's life confess this greatness, such as Thomas Carlisle -a Scottish historian and scholar of the 19th century A.D.- in his book “the life of Mohammad” has mentioned that Mohammad (PBUH&HP) used to live with the people, he used to wash his own clothes, he used to repair his own shoes, he used to consult with the people and then rule over them, no Emperor in history was ever like him, ... .

And let us not forget that the only human teacher of Hazrat Ali (PBUH) -as confirmed by both the Shi'ah and Sunni- was the Prophet himself, and Ali read and wrote, and in the same manner, the only human teachers of all infallible Imams were their fathers (PBUT), and they even spoke to foreigners in their own languages (Madinat-Ol-Ma'aajez of Sayyed Haashem Bahraani; Kholaasat-Ol-Akhbaar wa Taarikh-Ol-Anbiya of Sayyed Mohammad Al-Mahdi Moosawi; Ethbaat-Ol-Walaayat of Namaazi Shaahroodi; …).

In the verse 157 of Surah A'raaf[7] of Qur'an, in which Allah states:

Those who follow the Ommi Prophet, Rasool (Messenger/Apostle), whom they find written down with them in the Torah and the Enjil (who) enjoins them good and forbids them evil, and makes lawful to them the good things and makes unlawful to them impure things, and removes from them their burden and the shackles which were upon them; so (as for) those who believe in him and honor him and help him, and follow the Light which has been sent down with him, these, it is that are the successful (moflehoon).

Allah is in the first place letting the people of Torah and Enjil (Bible) know that the Ommi Prophet from Mecca, the Omm-Al-Qora (mentioned as Paran in the Bible) has been clearly introduced in their scriptures; for samples of the current Bible statements which give the glad tidings for the Promised Prophet from Mecca please refer to the article: "Mohammad, the Promise of Torah - III" in this site; and for the complete predictions of the undistorted Bible, let us, sincerely and eagerly, implore Allah from the bottom of our hearts, to hasten our beloved Imam Mahdi's (PBUH) Appearance, he who, after his Emergence, shall disclose the true Torah, Enjil (Gospel) and … .