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Hossain's beloved daughters

O' father! Without the flower of your face, my face from life, I have turned;

Since choosing you as my ever beloved, my hands from both worlds, I have washed.

Remember? Your body in the murder-cavity, I did not recognize!

I bowed to find the ring on your finger, as the indicating sign.

Found not, neither the ring nor the finger, searched and searched!

Then I asked of you, from aunt Zaynab, so grieved, so distressed.

By staring at that decapitated body, closeness to Allah, I was seeking;

A message for the Shi'ah, from that cut holy throat, I was seeking.

But I remembered, myself was a Shi'ah! So From sorrow, I burned;

And from your message, all commands until eternity, I received.

Standing next to your killed body, from sadness, I was dying;

By placing my lips on that cut throat, a new life, I was finding.

My painful body, the lashes of whips were kissing;

For journey provisions, your body, I was kissing.

For loving you, slapped my face so much, the enemy;

I turned blue, bluer than the blue morning-glory.

Your head became a guest in the house of Khooli, in Kufah that day;

Covered by ashes, you became, and I, ash gray, since that gloomy day.

When she saw your head on spear, my baby sister;

She was dying, and I grieved for that baby sister.

Blissful was my baby sister, seeing your head, and death she embraced;

And I! Hard-hearted was I, staying, and your grave, I have embraced.

This is me and this non-deserving soul, I sacrifice for the grounds of your goal;

For, you will never ever think, a beloved other than you, I ever chose.

In that gold tray, Qur'an so beautifully, you were reciting;

Wished to melt in your tears, and inside, I was combusting.

O' the oppressed king! You heard yourself, said that oppressor:

I sought my revenge from the progeny of the Messenger!!!