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Un-lettered Prophet

Muhammad's experience in the cave of Hira, later to be known as Jabal-un Noor - The Mountain of Light, and his response to that first Revelation is the exact fulfillment of another Biblical Prophecy. In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 29, verse 12, we read: "AND THE BOOK" (al-Kitaab, al-Qur’ân the 'Reading', the 'Recitation') "IS DELIVERED TO HIM THAT IS NOT LEARNED," (Isaiah 29:12) "THE UNLETTERED PROPHET " (Holy Qur’ân 7:158) and the biblical verse continues : "SAYING, READ THIS, I PRAY THEE:" (the words "I pray thee", are not in the Hebrew manuscripts; compare with the Roman Catholics' "Douay Version and also with the "Revised Standard Versions") "AND HE SAITH, I AM NOT LEARNED." ("I am not learned." is the exact translation of the Arabic words MA ANA BEQARA which Muhammad uttered twice to the Holy Ghost - the Archangel Gabriel, when he was commanded: IQRAA "READ!").

Let me quote the verse in full without a break as found in the "King James Version," or the "Authorized version" as it is more popularly known "AND THE BOOK IS DELIVERED TO HIM THAT IS NOT LEARNED, SAYING, READ THIS I PRAY THEE: AND HE SAITH, I AM NOT LEARNED." (Isaiah 29:12).

Important note:

It may be noted that there were no Arabic Bibles in existence in the 6th Century of the Christian Era when Muhammad lived and preached! Besides, he was absolutely unlettered and unlearned. No human had ever taught him a word. His teacher was his Creator:

Without any human learning, 'he put to shame the wisdom of the learned'."

(12) There are today Arabic Bibles in Fourteen different scripts and dialects for the Arabs alone. See "The Gospels in many tongues".

[The comments in brackets are by] [The Knowledge of Divine Prophets (PBUT), and the more exalted of them, the five Olol-Azm ones, I.e. Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (PBUT), and of course, the most exalted of them all, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP), are from Allah; i.e. they did not attend schools and had no regular earthly teachers, and they were directly taught by Allah; as a sample, we read in Qur'an that the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) as an infant at birth, announced that he was a Prophet and servant of Allah and that Allah had bestowed upon him, the Book [Qur'an, 19:30]. The bestowed Knowledge of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) includes the Knowledge of Ghaib (that which is concealed and unseen to others) [Qur'an, 72:26 to 28]:

(Allah) The Knower of the Ghaib; so He (Allah) does not reveal His Ghaib to any,

Except a Rasool (Messenger/Apostle) whom He has chosen and is pleased with; for surely He makes a guard to march before him and after him,

So that He may know that they have truly delivered the Messages of their Lord, and He encompasses what is with them, and He records the number of all things.

As Qur'an confirms, Allah has bestowed the knowledge of that which is concealed to others, upon His Chosen, and then Allah guards those upon whom the knowledge of Ghaib has been bestowed, i.e. the Chosen Ones are infallible by Allah's protection; and by Allah's command, as the Prophet has clarified in the Ghadir Sermon and many other statements, the Prophet taught every thing to Ali (PBUT), and then each Divinely chosen Imam to the next; I.e. this knowledge has been transferred to the Divinely Chosen Successors of the Prophet -the Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT)-, and He (Allah) encompasses what is with them and He records the number of all things.

Such Divinely bestowed Knowledge which has originated by Allah Himself, encompasses all the knowledge gained by the entire humankind.

As Imam Baaqer and Imam Saadeq (PBUT) have confirmed, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) not only knew how to read and write but also knew very well, over seventy languages, and the reason the Prophet was called "Ommi/Ummi", was due to the fact that he was from the "Omm-Al-Qora" (Elal-O-Shsharaaye', …); the Imam has said that, the Prophet not only read and wrote, but also read that which was not written (Basaa'er-O-Ddarajaat, …); i.e. this is how extensive the Knowledge of the Prophet is, the knowledge which has been transferred to the Ahl-Ol-Bait.

For a detailed analysis in regard to the meaning of the word Ommi/Ummi, and its application to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP), we cordially invite you to read the articles : "Ummi Prophet, illiterate or not!" parts I & II, in this site.]

Grave Warning

"See!" I told the dominee, "how the prophecies fit Muhammad like a glove. We do not have to stretch prophecies to justify their fulfillment in Muhammad."

The dominee replied, "All your expositions sound very well, but they are of no real consequence, because we Christians have Jesus Christ the "incarnate" God, who has redeemed us from the Bondage of Sin!"

I asked, "Not important?" God didn't think so! He went to a great deal of trouble to have His warnings recorded. God knew that there would be people like you who will flippantly, light-heartedly discount his words, so he followed up Deuteronomy 18:18 with a dire warning: "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, " (it is going to happen) "THAT WHOSOEVER WILL NOT HEARKEN UNTO MY WORDS WHICH HE SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME, I WILL REQUIRE IT OF HIM. (in the Catholic Bible the ending words are - "I will be the revenger", I will take vengeance from him - I will take revenge!) "Does not this terrify you? God Almighty is threatening revenge! We shake in our pants if some hoodlum threatens us, yet you have no fear of God's warning?"

"Miracle of Miracles!

In the verse 19 of Deuteronomy chapter 18, we have a further fulfillment of the prophecy in Muhammad! Note the words-'.....MY WORDS WHICH HE SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME," In whose name is Muhammad speaking?" I opened Yusuf Ali's translation of the Holy Qur’ân, at chapter 114- 'Sura Nas', or Mankind - the last chapter, and showed him the formula at the head of the chapter:

And the meaning: "IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL." And the heading of chapter 113:

And the meaning: "IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL". And every chapter downwards 112, 111, 110...was the same formula and the same meaning on every page, because the end SURAS (chapters) are short and take about a page each.

"And what did the prophecy demand?' ...WHICH HE SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME and in whose name does Muhammad speak? 'IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL.' The Prophecy is being fulfilled in Muhammad to the letter

"Every chapter of the Holy Qur’ân except the 9th begin with the formula:

IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL.' The Muslim begins his every lawful act with the Holy formula. But the Christian begins: "In the name of the Father, son and Holy Ghost.'"1

Concerning Deuteronomy chapter eighteen, I have given you more than 15 reasons as to how this prophecy refers to Muhammad and NOT to Jesus.

1. The Christian theologians are ignorant of even the "name of God. Because "God" is not a name, and "Father" is also not a name. See "WHAT IS HIS NAME?"

To be continued …