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Every year, eagerly, moments chase nights and days, to reach the dawn of a glorious day, the anniversary of Ghadir, the ever-living day; and when the warm kisses of the morning rays, touch the teary cheeks of that pond, from that dream pond, love drops, LONGING FOR ONE EVER-PROMISED DAY, climb up the ladder of the morning rays, ascend toward the heart of skies, ride upon the wings of white clouds, fly to far and near skies, to Mecca and Medina, to Najaf, Koofah and Karbala, to Kaazemain, Mashhad and Samarra -Ah! Samarra! Broken may be that structure on that land, but Ever-Risen, its heart is in the land of hearts-; in search of ONE DAY, they are, those anxious drops from that love Pond, ONE DAY, in the midst of one of these same seemingly wandering days; and when they will finally find that DAY, they shall fall with the rain, and kiss the land next to the Ka'bah between the Rokn and Maqaam, where he shall stand and say:


A petition to the ONLY True Reformer

O' The true Believers of the world! The free thinkers of the world! The awake conscience of the world! O' those, whose hearts can not remain indifferent towards injustice!


The world is being encompassed with corruption and oppression; chastity and virtuousness are becoming the things of the past, instead indecency and obscenity are replacing them; family ties are breaking, and loneliness is becoming human's best friend; security and peace of mind are only appearing in dreams; all because, believing in God and Divine Values are losing their respect and worth, while disbelief and empty values are being considered as pride and honor … .

In such a time, doing nothing, we must not; rather, seeking help, we must; presenting a petition to the only True Savior whom God has Chosen and Trained Himself, to run and guide this world at the Last Days, is one thing we can do!

Presenting a petition to he who is the last heritage of all Prophets, we certainly may; asking only the help of he who is the last Successor of the Final Prophet, we ought; seeking assistance of he whose lordship of the world, is Divinely ordained, He who Allah has given the responsibility of running and guiding the world in the Last Days, he who is the Final Promise of Ghadir, he who has the power to help moment by moment, and finally Reform the world, we must … .

So let us purify our intentions and unify hearts; let us harmonize whispers and become one united voice, and say:

O' our beloved lord! O' humankind's kindest living father! Please come back! Our loving Imam! We know that the time for your Return, only Allah knows, and we also do know that our supplications to Allah can bring that wonderful moment closer, thus, we have been imploring Allah to hasten your Ever-Anticipated Emergence. And yes, we do know that we must be patient too. Thanks to Allah, you are our shelter moment by moment, so we SHOULD seek your powerful and benevolent help for all our problems in each and every moment of our lives in this world which is being filled with injustice, at the same time that we should be imploring Allah, eagerly and patiently, for your beautiful Return. But our loving Mahdi (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you)! Please do pray for your Appearance too, and come back sooner! Our beloved! We are tired! Tired of all emptiness and vanity which have become the highest goals and honor of humankind! Tired of watching indecencies! Tired of hearing empty but colorful promises from the so-called self or human appointed leaders! Tired of lies and deceits! The lands are tired, the oceans too; the sun is tired, the moon too! …While we are patient and obedient, but at the same time, we do beg you to come back sooner, not later!

We invite all our friends who share our thoughts, to send this petition to family and friends, and to sign by sending his/her thought in a short message to:

We also invite all Web sites and Web logs that share our thoughts, to post this petition on their Web pages, and invite their readers to sign too, to create an Internet wave of awareness and unity.

Did you know that the Prophets Adam's, Moses' and Jesus' announcements of the Successorship of their Successors (PBUT) were also at the same day of Ghadir? Please also read: "Ghadir, from creation to eternity"