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Finally some one has arrived; some one is entering the Masjid Al-Haraam.

He is Ameen (Trustworthy); Mohammad, the 'Ameen'.

We accept his judgment.


These are a sample of statements stated by those from the tribes of Qoraish who had been sitting for hours in the Masjid-Ol-Haraam, waiting for the first one to enter the Masjid, and settle their differences.


From a while back, the tribes of Qoraish had planned to repair the Masjid Al-Haraam. Now that the job was done, they could not reach an agreement regarding who would have the honor of installing the Hajar Al-Aswad back on the Ka'bah; the quarrel was going on for a while; finally one of them suggested that they should sit and wait in the Masjid-Ol-Haraam for the first one who would enter the Masjid, and then they should ask him to judge among them.


Now it was Mohammad, the 'Ameen', who was entering the Masjid Al-Haraam, and it was Mohammad (PBUH&HP) -in spite the fact that he had not yet openly proclaimed his Prophethood (please read both parts of the article: "Ummi Prophet, illiterate or not!")- who with his Allah-Bestowed Prophetic Wisdom, was settling their difference. And in this manner, it was Muhammad (PBUH&HP) who was going to install the Hajar Al-Aswad, while the chiefs of all tribes were holding the cloak upon which the Hajar-Ol-Aswad was to be carried next to Ka'bah. I.e. with Mohammad's (PBUH&HP) wise plan, every one shared the honor, but it was Mohammad himself (PBUH&HP), who actually installed the Hajar Al-Aswad back to its place.


Was Mohammad's (PBUH&HP) presence there at that specific time, an accident?!


They knew this young man very well; he was born and raised among them. They had witnessed his childhood, being very polite and honest; his adolescence, accompanying his shepherd grandfather Abd-Ol-Motalleb; his youth, defending the oppressed, and traveling with the business caravans, being a very trusted tradesman … .


They had observed him at the Hajj season when he used to go to the Ka'bah, disregarding the naked people circling around the idols, he used to go next to the Ka'bah and worship. He was from the progeny who had always worshipped the One and Only Creator, and never the idols.


He was so well mannered and trustworthy that they themselves had given him the title, 'the Ameen'.


Those people were so immersed in the Ignorance of self indulgence, polytheism, disbelief and …, that they could not even imagine that the Hojjat (Proof) of the Creator was living among them. Except for a few who had been anticipating the Ever-Promised Last Prophet of Allah, and been praying for his Appearance, and seeking -inwardly and outwardly- the assistance and guidance of that generally Unrecognized Hojjat of Allah, no one else understood who he really was.


They saw his body, but his true status and position, they recognized not! And that is one main meaning of the Arabic word "Ghaa'eb"; therefore a Hojjat of Allah who is "Ghaa'eb", or in other words, is in "Ghaybat" (a word which is usually translated into English as "Disappearance" or "Occultation"), it mainly means that either people have knowledge about the Hojjat (Proof) of Allah and even anticipate him, but his person, they do not recognize, or the people are so neglectful of God and His Hojjats that the Hojjat is unrecognized and unexpected, or … . Thus, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) lived for a while among people as the "Ghaa'eb (Unrecognized) Hojjat (Proof)"!


So the majority of the people of that time did not refer to him as the Hojjat and Proof of Allah on His earth!


This is how it was, Mohammad (PBUH&HP) for a while, lived among people, unknown and his true Divinely Bestowed Position Unrecognized and Disappeared from their recognition, until it came the time for Appearance, and Jebraa'el delivered the Proclamation Command from Allah and therefore, Muhammad (PBUH&HP) made known to the people that he was the Hojjat of Allah, His Prophet and Messenger.


Muhammad (PBUH&HP) guided people away from self-prioritization, idolatry, polytheism and …, toward the worship and prioritization of the one and only Allah and His Commands, and obedience of the Hojjats Chosen by Allah, trying to obliterate the dark Ignorance which had encompassed the people.


Ab-Ol-Qaasem, Ja'far son of Mohammad Qooleweih has narrated that at the beginning years of the 'Major Occultation' of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), in the year 337 A.H., had planned to go on the Pilgrimage of the Bayt-O-Llah (Ka'bah) through Baghdad; when he arrived in Baghdad, he heard that the Hajar Al-Aswad which was taken by the Qaraamatah, was being returned to Ka'bah. He said that his main goal had become seeing he who would reinstall the Hajar-Ol-Aswad back to its place, because he had read in authentic books that any time the Hajar Al-Aswad would be taken from its place, only the Hojjat and "wali" of the time, would reinstall it back to its place, as it had happened at time of Imam Sajjaad (PBUH).


[Here is noteworthy to mention that at the time of Hajjaaj, a very cruel oppressor, the Hajar Al-Aswad was removed from Ka'bah, and any one who tried to install it back, was unsuccessful, until Imam Sajjaad (PBUH), the Infallible Imam and Hojjat of the time, installed it back in its place with his blessed hands.]


Ja'far said that he became seriously ill in Baghdad, so much so that he saw himself very close to death; thus he had to decide not to continue his journey toward Ka'bah. therefore, he appointed a representative on his behalf, named 'son of Heshaam', he gave Son of Heshaam a sealed letter in which he had inquired about whether he would die from that illness, and how much time he had.


He told Son of Heshaam that he was sending him for one purpose only, that he would deliver the sealed letter to he who would reinstall the Hajar Al-Aswad back to its place, and acquire the answer from him.


Son of Heshaam said that he entered the Masjid Al-Haraam and they were trying to reinstall the Hajar-Ol-Aswad, but any one who tried, the Hajar would not stand still, until a very attractive young man came and placed the Hajar Al-Aswad at its place so smoothly as if the Hajar was never taken out of its place. People started to Takbir, and then that young man went out of the Masjid, and he followed him. Son of Heshaam said that he was rushing through the crowd and pushing them aside so much so that the people thought that he was either ill or crazy, so they opened the way for him.


He said that he was actually running after that young man, but it seemed that the young man was walking very slowly. Finally Son of Heshaam said that they reached a rather quiet place, and the young man told him to give him what he had. Son of Heshaam said that he gave the sealed letter to him, and the young man without opening the letter, told him to tell the writer of the letter that he would not die from this illness and that he had thirty more years to live.


Son of Heshaam said that such a crying encompassed him that he could not move, then the young man left him until he could not see him any more … .


Son of Qooleweih has said that Son of Heshaam had narrated this to him after returning from Hajj.


(Najm-O-Ththaaqeb, chapter 7, narration 53)


Today we are living in a world where some of its places from outside seem modern and rich, while poverty and crime and … are still prevailing in the heart of this same world, and as far as Ignorance: still self-prioritization, self-indulgence, polytheism in its new forms even in the name of Divine religion, disbelief, love of money and power, indecency, corruption, and …, are encompassing this world more than ever; yes, this is the new age of modern Ignorance.


And now, another Mohammad (PBUH) is living under the same sky that you and we are living; his body is seen, but his true Status and Position, not recognized! Yes, now Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is this era's "Ghaa'eb Hojjat" … .


Just like then, these people are so immersed in their modern Ignorance that they can not even imagine that the Hojjat (Proof) of the Creator is living among them. Except for a few who have been anticipating the Ever-Promised Last Successor of the Final Prophet of Allah, and been praying for his Appearance, and seeking -inwardly and outwardly- the assistance and guidance of this generally Unrecognized Hojjat of Allah, no one else understands who he really is.


Alas, alas! that with the pretext of not seeing him, even many Believers are only considering him as the Hojjat of the future, and are forgetting that he is the living Hojjat of today too, and the one to refer to!!!


And finally the Divine Command for his Appearance will also be issued and the successful ones are those who have been seeking him as the living Hojjat of Allah; and at last, for the last time, on the entire planet earth, he shall put an end to all forms of Ignorance … .