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Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Last part (19)

Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible

Last part (19)


Many Shi’ah scholars throughout the ages have been presenting this interpretation that Hadrat ‘Eesa was calling Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUT) for assistance when facing death. For instance, MohammadReza Baaqi Esfahani in his book Majaales-e Amir al-Mo’menin pp. 187-188, has narrated from the very pious Shi’ah scholar Shaikh Mahmood Tavallaayee who narrated from Haajji Faazel, one of the great scholars of Khoraasaan from almost a century ago, who in one of his Ramadan sermons said that when Hadrat ‘Eesa (SBUH) was about to be killed by the stone-hearted jews at his time, called out: ایلی، ایلی، لما شبقتنی؟ Haajji Faazel stated that ‘Eesa directed his attention to Elia, one of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH)’s names; ‘Eesa sought ‘Ali’s help asking him why he was not looking at him. Haajji Faazel then stated that the Light of Wilayat and the spirit of the Absolute Walawi (adj., pertaining to Wilayat) Power of ‘Ali (SBUH) saved Jesus (SBUH) from them …


Another possibility regarding Jesus’ (SBUH) statement “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” can be:


There are many reports in the Shi’ah and sunni books regarding Me’raaj (Ascension) of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), we are going to look at samples:


… The Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) said that when he reached under the ‘Arsh, he saw ‘Ali (SBUH) standing under the Divine ‘Arsh; so the Prophet told ‘Ali (SBUT):


 O ‘Ali! Did you come/go before me?

یا علی سبقتنی؟


Jebra’el (Gabriel) asked the Prophet who was he that he was talking to; the Prophet (SAWA) told him that he was his brother ‘Ali son of AbiTaaleb (SBUT).

Jebra’el stated that it was not ‘Ali, rather it was one of the angels of Allah whom Allah had created it upon the form of ‘Ali son of AbiTaaleb; Jebra’el then asserted that whenever they, The Drawn Near Angels, desired the visage of ‘Ali they visited this angel for the exalted position of ‘Ali by Allah.


(Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 18, p. 300, vol. 26, p. 305; Madinah al-Ma’aajez,  vol. 2, p. 311; …)


In sunni books such as Yanaabi’ al-Mawaddah vol. 1 p. 246 hadith 28 it has been narrated from Abdullah son of ‘Umar that the Prophet (SAWA) in response to his question asserted that Allah in the night of his Me’raaj spoke to the Prophet with the voice of ‘Ali (SBUT), and that Allah SWT clarified that He was not like and comparable to any thing, but Allah knew how much the Prophet loved ‘Ali (SBUT), so He spoke with his voice …


So the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) in his Me’raaj heard a voice sounding like ‘Ali (SBUH) … and he (SAWA) saw an angel looking like ‘Ali (SBUH) … thus Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA), thinking that he was addressing ‘Ali (SBUH), used the word سبقتنی meaning: Did you come/go before me?


Let us now look at Jesus’ statement in the Arabic gospel:


ایلی، ایلی لَما سَبَقتَنی؟


Let us carefully consider the word سبقتنی, which is actually same as the claimed Aramaic شبقتنی, and also same as sabachthani that appears in English translations; in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, English … transliterations s and sh are interchangeable (such as Ishmael and Ismael); ch and k and q are also interchangeable (such as Zechariah and زکریا, Qur’an and قرآن); th and t are interchangeable too (such as Matthew and متی).


So perhaps Jesus (SBUH) at time of his ascension was hearing a voice sounding like the voice of ‘Ali (SBUH) … perhaps he was seeing an angel looking like ‘Ali (SBUH) … therefore Jesus asked: Why or how come did you (‘Ali) come/go before me?!


Indeed Allah Knows Best …


When Hadrat Mahdi and then Hadrat ‘Eesa (SBUT) return then the truth shall certainly be divulged …


It is also thought-provoking that the night of ascension of Jesus (SBUH) according to Shi’ah Islamic documents such as Waqaaye’ al-Ayyaam of Shaikh ‘Abbaas Qommi p. 44, Masaar al-Shi’ah of Shaikh Mofid p. 9 and … was the 21st night of Ramadan, i.e. the night of martyrdom of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) …


Let us now as grand finale look at parts of a few beautiful and profound Hadiths:


… When Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) was born within the House of Allah, the Ka’bah, Hadrats Aadam, Nooh, Ibrahim, Moosa and ‘Eesa (SBUT) appeared inside Ka’bah. Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) smiled and they (SBUT) said Salaam to Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH), addressing him as the Wali of Allah. Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) responded and said Salaam to each one of them and wished them Rahmat (Compassion …) and Barakaat (Blessings …) of Allah. Each held Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) in their arms and kissed and praised him, then left. Angels then came repeatedly and took Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) with them to Heavens … (bihar al-Anwar, vol. 35, p. 13; Rozah al-Waa’ezin, vol. 1, p. 79; …) … Fatimah daughter of Asad, ‘Ali’s mother (SBUT) said that the second time the angels brought him back Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) was wrapped in heavenly white silk and that the angels told her that ‘Ali (SBUH) was the Wali of the Lord of the worlds, and that no one would enter Heaven unless by accepting his Wilayat; they then said blessed and joyful is whoever following him and woe be upon whoever turning from him. They continued that his parable is as the Safinah (Ark) of Nooh (Noah, SBUH), whoever joining it attained salvation and whoever staying behind drowned … she (SBUH) said that then the angels kissed ‘Ali (SBUH) and left … (‘Ali (SBUH) Walid al-Ka’bah, p.32; …)


… At time of the birth of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) in the Ka’bah, Hadrat Aadam (SBUH) told Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that if it was not for him and Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) Allah would not have accepted his returning to Him, then Hadrat Aadam (Adam, SBUH) thanked Allah for bestowing upon them the opportunity of seeing Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) … Hadrat Nooh (Noah, SBUH) then thanked Allah for bringing Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) into the world as Allah had Promised them his meeting, then he (SBUH) said to Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that if it was not for him and his brother Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) Allah would not have moved their Ark in the day of the great storm and He would not have saved it from drowning … then Hadrat Ibrahim (Abraham, SBUH) told Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that if it was not for him and his brother Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) he would not have been saved from the fire of Namrood and it would not have become cool and safe for him … then Moosa (Moses, SBUH) said if it was not for him and Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) Allah would not have spoken to him on the top of the Mount Sina … then Hadrat ‘Eesa (Jesus, SBUH) told Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that if it was not for him and his brother Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) he was not able to turn mud to a living bird, to heal the blind and the sick, and to raise the dead back to life … then the Prophets (SBUT) left the Ka’bah … (Mawled Batal al-Islam , p. 28 (Mawled Amir al-Mo’menin, compiled by the renowned historian AbuMekhnaf in the first half of the second century A.H.); Walid al-Ka’bah, p. 31; …)


Also in the previously mentioned Khotbah al-Bayaan of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) he himself has asserted that he (SBUH) is the Manifester of miracles …


May Allah hasten the last Reminder of all Prophets and their Allah Chosen Successors (SBUT) when the Truth shall become manifest …