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Martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) Part 5


Martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA)

Part 5


In order to continue establishing the issue of the martyrdom of Hadrat Muhammad (SAWA), let us now explore where ‘Umar and thus his daughter Hafsah were actually from …


It is generally said that ‘Umar was the son of Khattaab son of Nufayl from the Quraysh tribe. But again, as the previously mentioned cases of Umayya’s and AbuBakr’s families, Umar’s family was not a genuine Qurayshi family too.


It is also vital to keep in mind that not even all who were said to be a Qurayshi were monotheists or even necessarily decent people, let alone those who were attributed to Quraysh through for instance adoption of freed slaves. Rather it was only certain children of the Prophet Ismael down to Hashim, reaching the Prophet Mohammad and Amir al-Mo’menin and then to the other eleven Imams (SBUT) who hold Allah Bestowed special status.


The sunni have reported that the Prophet (SAWA)- while dividing the portion of Dhawil Qurba, i.e. his close relatives- excluded the children of ‘Abd Shams, bani Umayya and children of Nawfal. (sunni documents: Sahih Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 79; Sunan Nassa’I , vol. 7, p. 130; Kitab al-Mosnad imam Shafe’I, pp. 324, 325; …)


And the Prophet exclusively only included the children of Hashim and the children of Muttalib. This caused ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan and Jubayr ibn Mut'am to object, respectively from the bani Umayya and children of Nawfal.


The Prophet (SAWA) in response said: Indeed only the bani Hashim and bani al-Muttalib are one and the same. (sunni documents: Sahih Bukhari, vol. 4, p. 155; Musnad Ahmad Hanbal, vol. 4, p. 81; Sunan Abi Dawud, vol. 2, p. 26; Sunan Nassa’I, vol. 7, p. 130; …)


Let us keep in mind that Hashim, al-Muttalib, ‘Abd Shams and Nawfal all are reported by many, specially the sunni, to be the sons of ‘Abd Manaf. But obviously, based on even sunni documents, only Hashim and al-Muttalib were genuine …


In addition even some sunni hadiths specifically state that the special status of the Successorship and Caliphate of the Prophet belongs ONLY to the Banu Hashim of Quraish, as one sample let us look at a sunni hadith:


Sheikh al-Hafiz Sulayman ibn Ibrahim al Qunduzi Hanafi narrates in Yanaabi al Mawaddah, vol. 3, p. 504, that Jabir (Jaaber) ibn Samura said that once that he and his father had joined the Prophet, he heard the Prophet (SBUH&HA) say that after him there would be twelve Caliphs; Jaaber said that he (SBUH&HA) then lowered his voice and said some thing he could not hear and understand. Thus Jaaber asked his father what the Prophet had said in low voice, his father said that the Prophet (SBUH&HA) had said that, all of them would be from Banu Hashim. Jaaber after narrating this event wrote that the fact that the Prophet lowered his voice, that itself is the point of preference of this Hadith, because the Banu Umayya did not like the Banu Hashim to be installed in the seat of the Caliphate.


Imams Baaqer and Saadeq (SBUT) in regard to Qur’anic verses revealing Prophet Ibrahim’s (SBUH) prayers about his son Isma’el (SBUH) and his descendants, such as verses 14:35, 14:36 and 2:128 -in which Hadrat Ibrahim (SBUH) prayed for his sons through the Prophet Isma’el (SBUH) to be saved from worshipping idols, and emphasized that whoever would follow him would surely be of him, and prayed that from his offspring through Isma’el (SBUT) a group to be raised to be true Muslims and truly submissive to Allah- have said that Banu Hashim of Quraysh have been those saved from worshipping idols, and that the Prophet Mohammad and his AhlulBayt (SBUT) from Banu Hashim have truly been the followers of the One and Only Allah as was the Prophet Ibrahim, and thus the Prophet Mohammad and the AhlulBayt (SBUT) have been indeed of Hadrat Ibrahim (SBUH), and that they (SBUT) have been specifically the group who certainly have been true Muslims and truly Submissive to Allah. (Tafsir Borhaan; …) 


Now let us continue with exploring Umar’s family tree:


‘Arab 2nd Hijri century Historians Muhammad bin Sa'ib al-Kalabi (known as  Abu Nasr in sunni history books) and Abu Mikhnaf (Lut ibn Yahya ibn Sa'id ibn Mikhnaf Al-Kufi) have narrated, as reported in al-Salaba fi Ma’rifa al-Sahaba, al-juz’ 3, p. 212, and in al-Tanqih fi Nasab al-Sarih, that Nufail was a slave of Kalb Bin Luayy Bin Ghalib AlQurayshi … after Kalb died Nufayl became a slave of AbdulMuttalib. AbdulMuttalib had a female slave from Habashah named Sahaak … one day Nufayl committed adult ery with the willing Sahak and as the result al-Khattab was born … fearing AbdulMuttalib, Sahak threw the child  in the dumps and a jewish woman picked him up and raised him … he used to cut wood thus he was called al-Hattab حطاب then erroneously he was eventually called al-Khattab خطاب ... Sahak used to visit the place in secret … one day al-Khattab saw her and he did not know who she was … then al-Khattab committed adult ery with his mother Sahak, as the result Hantamah was born … Sahak threw Hantamah too in the dumps … Hisham Bin Mughira Bin Walid picked her up and raised her and thus she was attributed to him … when she grew up, Al Khattab who used to frequently visit Hisham, saw Hantamah and liked her. He asked Hisham if he could marry her and Hisham allowed her to marry him ... she then gave birth to ‘Umar …


So … al-Khattab was Umar's father, also his grandfather, also his uncle!!!

And … Hantamah was Umar’s mother, also his sister, also his aunt!!!


Ibn Kathir in al-Sirah al-Nabawiya السیرة النبویة vol. 1 p. 153 says: Khattab is the father of ‘Umar ibn Khattab and his uncle (his mother’s brother) …


‘AbdulRahman Ahmad al-Bakri, a contemporary sunni writer, in Men Hayat al-Khalifah ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab مِن حَیاهِ الخَلیفَه عُمَرَبنِ الخَطّاب 7th edition, al-Irshad Beirut, pp. 379-380 presents other sunni documents about illegitimacy of ‘Umar and in the chapter regarding ‘Umar has written that Sohaak [or Sahaak] was a Habashi female slave of Hashim son of ‘Abd Manaf, and 'Abdul-'Uzza ibn Riyah forefather of ‘Umar committed adult ery with her and Nufayl was born … Then Nufayl committed adult ery with her and Khattab was born … then Khattab committed adult ery with her, who was still capable of bearing, and a girl was born whom Sohak threw away … the girl was picked up and raise by Hisham Bin Mughira and he called her Hantamah … then Khattab married her and ‘Umar was born … so lineage of ‘Umar became an enigma among experts of ancestry …


Here are a few more sunni documents which have reported the unclean ancestry of ‘Umar, such as, Tarikh Tabari, vol. 5, p. 17, Sunan Nasa’i, vol. 4, p. 326, Musnad Ahmad al-Hanbil, vol. 1, p. 237, al-Tabaqat al-Kubra ibn Sa’d, vol. 3, p. 318, Tarikh al-Khulafa, Suyuti, pp. 137, 325, al-Mustadrak al-Sahihain, vol. 3, p. 37, Kanz al-‘ummal, vol. 15, p. 448, n. 1777, al-Nahaya fi Gharib al-Hadith, ibn Athir, vol. 1, p. 15, …


In the Shi’ah documents also, such as Kitab-e-Sulaym Ibn Qays Al Hilali, Bihar al-Anwar and …, the unclean lineage of Umar is mentioned; for instance in Bihar al-Anwar vol. 31, pp. 97, 106  a similar account of the lineage of ‘Umar is stated and then it is said that this lineage of ‘Umar was so known among people that whenever any one wanted to address ‘Umar with contempt, they used to call him as the son of the Habashi Sahaak «یابن الصهاک الحبشیه» …


‘Allaamah Majlesi has also narrated a Hadith from the book ‘Aqd al-durar from Imam Sadiq (SBUH) confirming such a lineage for ‘Umar …


Here is a poem from the renowned ‘Arab poet, ibn Hajjaaj:


من جده خاله و والده ... و امه اخته و عمته


اجدر ان یبغض الوصی و ان... ینکر یوم الغدیر بیعته 




He whose grandfather is his uncle and his father too … and his mother is his aunt and his sister too,


befits to antagonize the Wasi (the Successor of the Prophet of Allah) … and to disavow his allegiance on the Day of Ghadir too.


Here it is appropriate to look at a few sunni Hadiths:


The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) has said that no one loves ‘Ali (SBUH) but a believer, and no one has his enmity in his heart but a hypocrite.

(al-Mustadrak Hakim Neyshaburi 3/127, Sahih al-Nisa’I 2/271, Sahih al-Muslim, 2/271, Sahih al-Tirmadhi 2/301, Musnad Ahmad Hanbil 1/84, …)


The Prophet (SAWA) told Hazrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that no one loved ‘Ali (SBUH) but those with pure birth and no one considered him an enemy but those with impure birth.

(Yanabi al-Mawaddah, baab 44, vol. 1, p. 397, …)


The Prophet (SAWA) said that Shaitaan commits adult ery with the mothers of enemies of ‘Ali (SBUH).

(Tarikh Damishq, vol. 17, p. 372, …)


Qur’an 17:63 He said: Be gone! for whoever of them will follow you, then surely Hell is your recompense, a full recompense.

Qur’an 17:64 … and be a partner in their wealth and children, and promise them. And the Shaitan makes not promises to them but to deceive.


And … Imam Sadiq (SBUH) has asserted that if the coolness of the AhlulBayt’s (SBUT) love is felt in a person’s heart, he/she should thank Allah for the most deserving blessing اولی النعم and that is pure birth, for those with pure birth love them (SBUT).

(al-Mahasin, p. 138, …)


It is vital to keep in mind that the enemies of Allah and the AhlulBayt (SBUT) have always been aware of the facts … the renowned ‘Allaamah Sayyed Hashim Bahraani in Madinah al-Ma’aajez vol. 2 p. 95 has narrated from ibn ‘Abbas that ‘Abdullah son of ‘Umar said that in the last moments of Umar’s life his father told him that he had heard from the Rasool of Allah (SAWA) that in the Fire of Hell there was a casket and in it would be twelve of the companions of the Rasool, then the Rasool (SAWA) had turned toward AbuBakr warning him not to be the first person entering it, then toward Ma’aaz ibn Jabal warning him not to be the second, then toward ‘Umar warning him not to be the third …; ‘Umar then told his son that he had just seen a casket in a dream and in it there were AbuBakr, Ma’aaz and himself … requested by his father, ‘Abdullah went after ‘Ali ibn AbiTalib (SBUT) … ‘Abdullah said that his father asked ‘Ali (SBUH) to forgive him and also forgive him on the behalf of Fatimah (SBUH), so that ‘Umar would give the caliphate to ‘Ali (SBUH) … ‘Abdullah said that ‘Ali (SBUH) said that he would do that if ‘Umar would gather the entire Ansaar and Mohaajerin and in front of them return the Right he had usurped from ‘Ali (SBUH), and to reveal that which was between him and AbuBakr regarding their (AhlulBayt’s) Covenant and to confess to their (SBUT) Rightfulness … ‘Abdullah continued that his father hearing that turned his face toward the wall and said that he preferred the Fire to ignominy! … then ‘Ali (SBUH) left … later ‘Abdullah, when being asked by ‘Ali (SBUH), said that his father had confessed that any one who would follow ‘Ali (SBUH) he (SBUH) would surely guide them to follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Rasool of Allah … ‘Abdullah then said that he asked his father what had kept him from submitting caliphate to ‘Ali (SBUH), but ‘Abdullah did not reveal his father’s response to ‘Ali ibn AbiTalib … ‘Ali (SBUH) then informed him that the Rasool of Allah had already told him about Umar’s answer to his son, and that ‘Umar had said that it was because of the Sahifah and pact that they had written and signed in regard to killing the Prophet and had placed next to Ka’bah during the Hajj al-Wida’ … ‘Abdullah then asked ‘Ali (SBUH) to leave him alone …


It is also noteworthy to mention that if a person, who becomes a believer, has any problem with his/her lineage, indeed the proper thing for other believers, who are aware of the problem, is to conceal such facts in order to provide a fair opportunity for such a person to choose to live an honorable life with the acceptance of the Wilayat of Allah and those Chosen by Allah … but when the person becomes one of the number one enemies of Allah and those chosen by Allah … when the person denies and rises against the Allah-bestowed Wilayat (Lordship)of those chosen by Allah … when the person distorts the Religion of Allah … when the person plans to kill the Prophet of Allah (SAWA) … when the person usurps the Allah Bestowed Rights of those Chosen by Allah … when the person kills the one and only daughter of the Prophet of Allah (SAWA … and … then indeed as a direct result of his/her actions, that person becomes disgraced by Allah and his lineage problem becomes known to all too …




So … based on many sunni documents, it is established that ‘Umar and thus Hafsa were originally from Habashah … this would mean that Hafsa was indeed one of the two women from Habashah who force-fed the Prophet (SAWA) …


This also means that the claim that ‘Umar was from the clan of Banu 'Adi from the ‘Arab tribe of Quraysh is false …, rather he was of Habashi slaves who were attributed to Quraysh … as mentioned before, a custom which was later abrogated by the Holy Qur’an when the verses 4 & 5 of Surah Ahzab (33) were revealed


This means that the non-Quraishi ‘Umar could never become a successor of the Prophet (SAWA), for as repeated before, according to sunni documents there were to be twelve Caliphs after the Prophet (SAWA), and all of them were to be from Quraish …


To be continued …