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The moments of the month of Rabi'-O-Ththaani are passing us one at a time, but the Heavenly fragrance of Imam Hasan Askari (PBUH) is touching, ever so gently and kindly, the hearts and souls of Believers and Anticipators, for, he was born in this month, and has therefore made this month beautiful and unforgettable ever since. To commemorate this Heavenly touch, we are honored to narrate a priceless Hadith from this Infallible Imam (PBUH)....
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) has said: Fatimah is a part of me; any one who bothers her, has bothered me, and whosoever bothers me, has bothered Allah. (Sunni document: Sahih Bukhari) Qur'an 33:57 Surely those who bother Allah and His Messenger, Allah has La'ned them (Cursed them to be totally away from His Mercy) in this World and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating and disgraceful...
'Eed of Zahra   Imam Saadeq (PBUH) has said:   One who states that he loves us, while he has not dissociated from and disliked our enemies, is not telling the truth.   (Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, …)   In commemoration of the 'Eed (Eid) Of Zahra -when her execration request to Allah against an usurper, an enemy of humankind, (Omar son of Khattaab), was responded- we are narrating the aforementioned Hadith -which is one of...
… AND MOHAMMADS (PBUT) … To all those loving and sincere hearts who are as soft and vast as the blue sky, and nurture the beautiful and rainbowy dreams of post-Appearance in them, we wish the most blessed moments on this 17 th of Rabi', the glorious birth anniversaries of the most beloved Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his son and sixth Successor, the beloved Ja'far son of Mohammad Baaqer, Imam Saadeq (PBUT). … And this...

How beautiful it is, seeing you in the mirrors of our hearts;
feeling your encompassing presence, in the moments of our lives.
How precious are seconds, with your everflowing help and guidance;
seeing your celestial beauty, away from the fast life and crowds.

If you have a wish or a broken heart,
reading and propagating the Ghadir sermon is a recommended celestial key for any closed door or broken heart;
So make a vow, Allah-Willing your closed door will be opened at the hand of the Ahl-Ol-Bait(PBUT).

Sermon of Ghadir

...In this busy and noisy life, o­ne sound reaches all ears and that is the melody of heartbeats; hearts of all humans which are beating, hopefully and love-fully, to reach the pacification place of aspirations.
We wish to introduce the kindest father who has a heart as vast as the entire existence and he himself, is the heart of existence. Come and help us know him and under the light of his fatherly love, find the pacification place of aspirations.
This site is a meeting place for us to hear together the beatings of his loving heart and to get to know him the way he really is. We welcome you with open arms and shake your hands, warmly. If questions come to your mind, we are o­nly o­ne heartbeat away. Keep in touch:


Wednesday، 8 Nov 2017
Highway to Appearance …   Going on pilgrimage of Imam Hosain (SBUH) on foot has been the tradition of believers … Imam Sadiq (SBUH) has asserted:   He who goes on pilgrimage of Imam Hosain’s (SBUH) grave on foot,...
Monday، 30 Oct 2017
Everyone will always love you and your love for your brother … our lord … Hadrat ‘Abbas …   Hazrat ‘Abbaas  (SBUH) loved Imam Hosain (SBUH) so much that he used to apply to his eyes, the dust from Imam Hussain's...
Thursday، 31 Aug 2017
Martyrdom of Imam Baaqer (SBUH) …   From far … comes the caravan’s sound The Progeny of Infallibility and Light’s sound   The loud cry of Ah! Thirst! … is continuous So is, the rattling sound...
Monday، 9 Nov 2015
Imam Hosain and Jesus …   There are some christians who express love for Imam Hossain (SBUH), so much so that they even join the Arba’een walk toward the Shrine of Imam Hussain (SBUH).   They claim that there are...
Monday، 9 Nov 2015
Arba’een … an invitation to unanimity and togetherness of hearts   Message of Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his honored Relief), Inviting hearts to be together:   And indeed if our Shi’ah- may Allah bless them to be...

Last articles

Monday، 20 Nov 2017
Mourning … Last part (11)   Last but not least …   Let us reflect upon the following verses of Qur’an:   Qur’an 59:21 Had We sent down this Qur’an on a mountain, you would certainly...
Wednesday، 20 Sep 2017
Mourning … Part 10   Sorrow and tears of the world of creation for sufferings of Imam Hosain (SBUH)   It has been narrated from Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) that he (SBUH) swore by Allah- Who splits seeds and brings them...
Friday، 28 Jul 2017
Zebh ‘Azim (Grand Slaughter) Part 2   In the article “Zebh ‘Azim (Grand Slaughter)” in this site we have already discussed the issue of the slaughtered Lamb prophesied in the bible, and how Shaitan- in order to oppose...
Monday، 3 Jul 2017
Dajjaal … Antichrist Last part (13)   Keeping in mind that the Knowledge of the Infallible Imams (SBUT) have been from Allah SWT and the Rasool of Allah (SAWA), Imam Baaqer (SBUH) has asserted that if they, the AhlulBayt, (SBUT) had...
Monday، 5 Jun 2017
Dajjaal … Antichrist Part 11   Let us look at a brief summary of what has been happening under the temptations of Shaitan and his evil jinns:   From the beginning of creation, Allah the Creator and Lord of all ever have...


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Tuesday، 3 May 2016
Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Last part (19)   Many Shi’ah scholars throughout the ages have been presenting this interpretation that Hadrat ‘Eesa was calling Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUT) for assistance when...
Friday، 1 Apr 2016
Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Part 18   In the previous part we looked at a very important prophecy by the Prophet Zakariya (also see part 13 of this writing) regarding Hadrat ‘Ali and Imam Hosain (SBUT) …...
Tuesday، 15 Mar 2016
Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Part 17   There are other somewhat ambiguous occurrences of the word ‘Ali in the old testament of the current bible but we are going to look at only one more case; Dr. Thomas McElwain...
Monday، 8 Feb 2016
Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Part 16   Next the biblical language specialist, Dr. McElwain, looks at 1 Chronicles 28:19: “The Authorised Version has this as All (this, said David,) the LORD made me understand in...
Wednesday، 20 Jan 2016
Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible Part 15   Thomas McElwain also looks at book of numbers 21:17 and numbers 24:6 as strong possibilities that the word ‘Ali is referring to a person; this is what he says:  ...