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Fadak Sermon - VIII

O' the sons of Qaylah!

Should I be oppressed regarding my father’s inheritance, While you are seeing and hearing me, And you are an assembly and gathering, the call has surrounded you, and the matter has reached you?!!!

While you are numerous, prepared, equipped, powerful;

and with weapons and shields?!!!

The call has fully reached you, and you are not responding?!

The cry has come to you, and you are not helping?!

While you are characterized as courageous, and known for beneficence and goodness;

and you were the selected that were picked;

and you were the opted, who were preferred;

you fought the Arab, and bore hardship and pain;

and battled nations;

and combated conquerors;

we did not draw aside, and neither did you, we commanded and you obeyed;

until the millstone of Islam started to rotate by us;

and the milk of Times started to flow;

and the arrogance of polytheism surrendered;

and the ebullition of lies and accusations subsided;

and the fires of blasphemy died out;

and the call to chaos was calmed;

and the system of religion became organized.

So how and where, are you wandering after clarification, and concealing after declaration, and retreating after initiation, and becoming polytheists after faithfulness?!!!

Do you not fight people who broke their oaths and aimed at the expulsion of the messenger while they fought you first time; do you fear them, while Allah is more deserving to be feared -if you are believers-?!” [Qur'an, 9:13]

Behold! surely I see that you have certainly inclined to voluptuousness and laziness;

and you have put him aside (Ali), who is most deserving to (apply) expansions and restrictions (leadership);

and you have secluded yourselves to indulgence;

and you were saved from straits to abundance;

and you threw out, what you had been keeping;

and you threw up, what you had easily swallowed!!!

So if you and everyone on earth together, become unbelievers, then surely Allah is All-independent, All-praiseworthy.” [Qur’an, 14:9]

Behold, surely I said what I have said, based on the knowledge of, the forsakenness of helping (me), which has encompassed you;

and, the deceits and betrayal, which have covered your hearts;

BUT yet, that (what I said) was, ebullition of the soul;

and, effusion of the fury;

and, weakness of the strength capacity;

and, overflowing pain of the chest;

and, presenting the Hojjah (proof, reason,… ).

Hence, take it (the camel of Caliphate)! and tighten its saddle-pack to its back, wounded is its back, full of cuts and holes are its feet;

forever shall remain, the shame (of this act)!!!

(Which is) marked with Allah’s Wrath, and eternal disgrace;

(this act is) the link to “the fire of Allah, set ablaze; which overspreads hearts.” [Qur’an; 104:7 & 8]

Therefore, what you have been doing is before Allah’s Eye!

And the oppressors shall know to what Returning Place they will return.” [Qur’an, 26:228]

And I am the daughter of “the Warner of severe chastisements before you.” [Qur’an, 34:47]

So, “do (what you will), surely we are the doers (too); and wait, certainly we (so) are the Anticipators.”… . [Qur’an, 11:122 & 123]


The end…

That which has been translated here, is the main text of the Lady Fatima's "Fadak Sermon". In the first part, she has reminded all of us the infinite number of favors and bounties which Allah have bestowed upon us, favors and bounties which without them life can not be continued. She has also reminded us our duty of being grateful before Allah's bounteous Grace, and at the same time, she has brought it to our attentions that Allah is the one too ask, for more.

In the second part, she has presented her deep monotheistic beliefs. Points such as the fact that Allah has created every thing from Absolutely Nothing, can help us realize the Greatness and Uniqueness of Allah, in the midst of all scientific advances in which scientists have been using Allah's creations -such as DNA- to achieve new frontiers.

In humble realization of Allah's total independence, and our neediness, she reminds us that Allah's obedience is the way toward His Paradise, and His disobedience, toward His Wrath.

In the next part, she has talked about her father, being the most obedient servant of Allah. Regarding the selection of her father by Allah, she has revealed certain profound secrets of Creation which clearly proves her Divinely bestowed Knowledge; the meanings of her statements are so profound that if one wishes to explore the depth of her statements, one must study supporting Qur'anic verses and Hadithes, and explanatory writings of scholars; we refer interested readers to many books written in this subject. The translation presented here, by no means, does justice to the profound gnosis hidden in the heart of her celestial words.

She has described the darkness which people were in, before the coming of Mohammad (PBUH&HP), and the heavenly Light which was bestowed upon people through his presence. She has clearly expressed the greatness of Qur'an, and people's responsibilities in regard to it. In addition, she has also presented certain reasons behind some of Allah's commands, such as the obedience and the Imamate of the Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT). In her speech which was delivered without prior preparation and while suffering tremendous grief, she has beautifully and knowledgefully, supported all her points by Qur'anic verses.

In the next part, while reminding people who she was, she has talked about all the beautiful things which had happened to people -who, prior to that, were miserable and confused and… - as the result of Mohammad's (PBUH&HP) Divine Guidance. In this part, the Lady has reminded humankind that Ali (PBUH) was the most obedient, sincere, courageous, endeavoring,… before Allah's and Mohammad's commands. Here, she has also manifested the hypocrisy hidden in some dark hearts. Then, in the next part, she has talked about this hypocrisy surfacing completely after the Prophet's passing away.

It is almost impossible to comprehend the pain that the Lady felt, when observing people being encompassed by Satan's desires, after all the sincere hard work of the loving Prophet of Allah. In every sentence of her, an ocean of gnosis and sadness is hidden.

The point which is clearer than the day, is the fact that the Lady -whose wrath and satisfaction, according to the Prophet, were Allah's Wrath and Satisfaction- was totally displeased, and based upon her Divinely bestowed Knowledge, she was foreseeing Hell for the hypocrites, those who have tried to turn off the light of the brilliant religion, and obliterate the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP); ironically, the same group of people have been calling themselves the adherents to the Sunnah!!!

She has brilliantly made manifest the existing animosity against the Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT). She then directed her talks to Abu-Bakr-the so called Caliph- and proved that not only he had no Qur'anic Knowledge, but also had disobeyed Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP); while, on the other hand, she clearly announced the celestial fact that no one on earth had more Knowledge of the specifics and generals of Qur'an -the Word of Allah- than Mohammad and Ali (PBUT).

Claiming Fadak -which itself had rightfulness- was the surface of her demand, but claiming the Divinely bestowed, yet usurped, Right of the Amir-Ol-Mo'meneen (PBUH) was what she gracefully attempted; in the last part of the Sermon she directed all attentions to the usurped Caliphate, so that no objection and excuse would remain.

This Sermon -among other documents- is an everlasting document, presenting the rightfulness of the Ahl-Ol-Bait, and the injustice done against them which as the direct result, has corrupted human path, and has made it so mirage-full.

She even openly asked the people -who had heard over and over about the rightfulness of the Ahl-Ol-Bait from the Prophet, just a short while back- to rise and help the Ahl-Ol-Bait; but those people were hypocrites and as self-centered as the leaders whom they had accepted. She quite clearly called their leaders as those who had broken their Oaths, and based on Qur'an, she reminded the people that they should fear Allah, and not those leaders who had disobeyed Allah, if they were Believers!

When you are reading this last part, if your hearts break and if tears start to fall from your eyes, perhaps, Allah-willing, the Lady has touched your hearts with the Truth. The Lady (PBUH) has kept the roaring rivers of the Truth flowing in the lands of Times; as her father has said:

A group, from my Nation, continuously manifests the Truth, until the Amr of Allah shall come… .

Our main purpose for narrating her Sermon has also been to keep the Truth alive until her Mahdi (PBUT) shall come; and when he comes, the whole Truth will become manifest… ; and as the Lady (PBUH) said in the last statement of her Sermon: certainly, we so are the Anticipators!

It is noteworthy to mention that the "Fadak Sermon" of Lady Fatima (PBUH) has been narrated by both the Shi'ah and the Sunni: Sayyed Mortadza in the book "Shaafi" narrated from Aayeshah; Sayyed-Ebne-Tawoos in the book "Taraa'ef" narrated from Aayeshah; Sheikh Sadooq narrated from the Lady Zaynab (PBUH); Ebne-Abilhadid in the book "Sharh of Nahjol-Balaaghah" narrated from the book "Saqifah" of Ahmad-Ebne-Abdul Aziz Johari; Ali-Ebne-Eissa Erbali in the book "Kashf-Ol-Ghommah";… .

O' our beloved Mahdi! The lengthier our separation, the more broken hearted we become; but our broken hearts are nothing compared to the Lady's (PBUH) pure broken heart; Please come back and heal your mother's celestial heart… .