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O' the Disappeared "Divine Proof" of times!
in your admiration, inexpressive are all tongues.

O' the shadow of Divine Mercy and Grace!
O' the chosen lord of Heavens and earths!

In the school of love, your Disappearance,
is the toughest trial of all times.

have opened and faded, Many blossoms;
come and gone, much springs and falls.

Come back! It is again Sha'baan, the season of flowers;
O' the beauty and magnificence of all gardens!

All eyes are staring at garden doors;
ready for your coming, are flowers and gardeners.

You are the host of Divine Grace;
waiting for you, are all the guests.

O' the Noah of these times! Patient until when?
storms have encompassed many souls.

In these lonely moments of Anticipation;
please encompass our hearts and spirits.

How sweet it feels, if you step into our eyes;
and sit and watch with us, the flowing river of tears.