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Martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) Last part (6)


Martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)

Last part (6)


Now let us look at a few Shi'ah Hadiths:


The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH & HP) has said that there has been no Prophet or his Wasi (Successor) but they have been martyred. (Basaa'er-O-Ddarajaat, p. 148; Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol. 17, p. 405 & vol. 40, p. 139; …)


Solaym ibn Qays al-Helali quoted from Abdullah ibn Ja’far that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH & HP) during a sermon addressed people and asserted that when he (SAWA) would be martyred, ‘Ali (SBUH) would be Ula (predominant, prior, superior, …)  to them from themselves, and when Ali would be martyred, his (SAWA) son Hassan (SBUH) would be Ulaa to them from themselves, and when his son Hassan would be martyred, his (SAWA) son Hussain (SBUT) would be Ulaa to Believers from themselves, and … Then ‘Ali ibn abiTalib (SBUT) stood while crying, and asked from the Prophet (SAWA) whether he was going to be killed; the Prophet (SAWA) answered that he would, and that he would be martyred by poison, and that ‘Ali (SBUH) would be martyred by sword and that his beard would be colored by his head’s blood, and that his (SAWA) son Hasan would be martyred by poison, And that his son Hussein (SBUT) would be martyred by sword, and that he would be killed by a tyrant, the son of a tyrant! An adulterer, the son of an adulterer! A hypocrite, the son of a hypocrite! … (Asraar Aal-e-Muhammad, Solaym ibn Qays Helali, p. 362; Bihar al-Anwar, ‘Allaamah Majlesi, vol. 33, p. 266; …)


The Prophet (SAWA) said that there would be none of them AhlulBayt unless killed or poisoned. (Kefaayat-Ol-Athar of Kharraazi Qomi, p. 162; Wasaa'el-Shshi'ah, vol. 14, p. 2; Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol. 45, p. 1; Man Laa YahzoroholFaqih of Shaikh Sadooq, vol. 4, p. 17; …)


Hadrat Ali (PBUH) said that he had asked Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH & HP) whether he (PBUH & HP) would be killed, and that Hadrat (PBUH & HP) stated that he would be poisoned and martyred. (Book of Solaym ibn Qays; …)


Imam Hasan (PBUH) said that indeed his beloved grandfather, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH & HP), had stated that there would be none of them unless would either be killed or poisoned … . (al-Ensaaf; …)


Ayyashi has quoted from Hussein ibn Manzar that said: “I asked Imam Sadiq (AS) about the ayah in Qur’an (that says: So if he dies or is killed you return to your past), was it a murder or a natural death? He (AS) answered: his Ashaab (Companions) did what they did. (Meaning that they martyred him)” (Tafsir-e-Ayyashi, Muhammad ibn Ayyash, vol. 1, p. 200)


Imam Sadeq (AS) has quoted from his fathers (AS) who had said that Imam Hassan (AS) said to his family: “I will be killed by poison, as the Prophet (PBUH & HP) was killed by poison.” (Tafsir ‘Ayyaashi; …)


Imam Saadeq (PBUH) has said: Do you know whether the Prophet (PBUH & HP) died or was he killed? Surely Allah has said: "if then he dies or is killed will you turn back upon your heels?" And he (PBUH & HP) was poisoned before death, surely those two women fed him poison before death. And the narrators, at the presence of the Imam (PBUH), then said that, certainly those two (‘Aayeshah and Hafsah) and their fathers (AbuBakr and 'Omar) were the worst of all creations of Allah. And in another Hadith the Imam (PBUH) directly said that ‘Aayeshah and Hafsah fed him (SAWA) poison. (Tafsir Borhaan of Sayyed Haashem Bahraani, vol. 1, p. 320, h. 10; Tafsir Ayyaashi, vol. 1, p. 200, h. 152; Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol. 28, p. 21, h. 28; Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 22, p. 516, …)


Imam Saadeq (PBUH) said that surely those two fed him poison before death. Compiler: Meaning those two women; la'n be upon those two and their fathers. (Tafsir Saafi, vol. 1, p. 390; Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol. 22, p. 516; …) 


Imam Reda (PBUH) said that there has been none of them unless killed. (Oyoon Akhbaar Reda of Shaikh Sadooq; …)


And here are the opinions of a few renowned Shi’ah scholars:


Allaamah Helli has confirmed that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH & HP) was martyred. (Montahal-Matlab, vol. 2, p. 887; …)


Shaikh Toosy in the renowned Tahdhib-Ol-Ahkaam, vol. 6, p. 1, has stated that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH & HP) died of poisoning two nights before the end of the month of Safar, ten years after Hijra. (Also in Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol. 22, p. 514; …)


Shaikh Mufid has said that the Prophet (SAWA) was martyred by poison in Safar,28th in year 10 AH at the age of 63 years old in Medina.” (al-Maghna’eh, Shaikh Mufid, p. 456)


In the book Jaame' Rowaat, vol. 2, p. 463, by M. A. Ardebili, is stated that the Prophet (PBUH & HP) died in Medina poisoned.


‘Allaamah Majlesi has said that the martyrdom of the Prophet (SAWA) happened in year 11 AH. (Behar al-Anwar, ‘Allaamah Majlesi, vol. 22, p. 514)


Ah!!! O' our beloved Imam Mahdi (Salaam be upon you)! How can we even begin to talk about how you feel, let alone comprehend how you feel in your celestial loving heart; all we can do is to cry and implore Allah from the bottom of our sinful hearts to hasten your Ever-Promised glorious Emergence …